Joan "JoaniT" Thompson


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My passion for real estate and the love of having a tangible investment began when I was 12. My father would not sell me an acre of his 40 acres in Maine! I was determined to help myself and other people feel the value of land ownership one way or another. 

Throughout my nursing career I have bought and sold homes, owned land, flipped and had rentals properties, just like my dad.  I have been a licensed realtor for less than 3 years, but my career began long ago. 

I have encouraged and supported friends and family to take the step to home ownership. As a grandmother and mother, I have mentored and nursed a good deal of the population of Orlando, between the ER at Health Central, Arnold Palmer and now Nemours. Chances are I have taken care of YOU, if you are a local.  Often the first time homebuyer needs extra support and encouragement, and I can and have provided this. Health and home do go hand in hand, and as a mother of 7 and grandmother of 14, I know this.

As a nurse and realtor, I am a licensed professional and perform my 'dual careers' in a way that is respectful of the differences in humanity, always seeking to understand. I am a 'people person' and I love houses too, it's a good combo for anyone seeking home ownership or to increase their portfolio for investments.

Being married to a builder helps too. My husband and I do not always agree on the decor and design, but I do have a 'go to' person when viewing properties for you. I'd like to think I have additional knowledge regarding home structure, general costs of renovations, companies that we use personally and potential profits from investments.

I PROMISE to do all that I can to serve you and your family per you requests, and will offer my support, expertise and be the best advocate and negotiator possible. When my own professional knowledge and experienced is tapped, I will turn to my professional broker and team at Realty Executives Gallery Properties.

Areas Served
Specializing in homes and properties in the Downtown Orlando area, including Conway and stretching to Lake Nona and beyond.  Listing and locating homes, including investment properties for primary occupants, rental dwellings and 'flips'. I have lived in Boca Raton, Fort Myers and own land in Northern Florida near the rivers.