My name is Lilian Edbom and I'm originally from Lima, Peru. I have lived in Sweden where I taught Spanish for 25 years. I have three beautiful daughters and one son. A few of my hobbies include running, hiking, bicycling, and anything outdoors. I was drawn to real estate because of my desire to help people find their forever homes.  I have learned over the years that having a listening ear and getting to know my customers needs is imperative to finding a perfect match.  I'm an understanding agent, I know that each customer and buying experience is unique.  It's always my mission to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  

Areas Served
I serve the Orlando/Disney area and the Tampa Bay. Both areas have very beautiful homes that meet all customers needs. These include waterfront properties, lakefront properties, large properties and suburban family homes. 

I am a very diverse sales agent who speaks English, Spanish and Swedish. Over the years I have helped a variety of customers find their perfect home. However, my ability to effectively communicate with an array of customers lets me better understand my customers needs.

Some of my daily tasks include:                                                                                                         
Interviewing clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking

Litigate between buyers and sellers for legal purposes
Schedule meetings and appointments with clients for contracts and closing dates

Resolve any issues between buyers and sellers
Ensure proper documentations and ordering of documents for a smooth closing